Talk Description to Me

Episode 123 - AI Description Part 1

October 07, 2023 Christine Malec and JJ Hunt Season 4 Episode 123
Talk Description to Me
Episode 123 - AI Description Part 1
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Love them or hate them, AI writing tools like ChatGPT have the potential to change the way we write, communicate, and learn. One group looking to harness the technology with, and for, the Blind community is Be My Eyes, an outfit which  connects Blind and low-vision users with sighted volunteers through live video calls. Now,  Be My Eyes has partnered with OpenAI to create Be My AI, a free app-based service that provides AI-generated descriptions of user photos. The tech is currently being tested and played with by a large group of users, Christine among them. This week, Christine shares illuminating examples of what the service can -- and can't yet -- do, and JJ breaks down the AI descriptions from a Describer's point of view. Part 1 of 2.

Talk Description to Me is not affiliated with, nor sponsored by, Be My Eyes or OpenAI.

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Intro to Be My AI
What makes for a "good" visual description?
Be My AI example 1 - Landscape
Be My AI example 2 - Plate of food
Be My AI example 3 - Person and landscape
Be My AI example 4 - Crowd of people